In October 2015, The Bridge project of VICC successfully launched the campaign "Finnish Lessons - Together for the Education in Vietnam".


"Finnish Lessons", first published in the US, is a book of Pasi Sahlberg – a Finnish author and educator. Thanks to this one, Pasi Sahlberg was given the Grawemeyer Award from University of Louisville (Kentucky, USA) in 2013 - an annual award given to individuals who have innovative ideas in the educational field.


An updated version of the book called "Finnish Lessons 2.0", was licensed by Alpha Books JSC earlier in 2016.


The book tells the story of Finland - the devastated country after World War II and its amazing breakthrough in society, culture and education reform.


In only 30 years, Finland had finished building a strong pedagogy foundation, and then become a world leader in education, even though they put into practice many strange provisions: Teachers are not being evaluated annually by the Ministry of Education; Students do not have homeworks; The only exam is conducted at highschool level; and so on.


Recognizing the precious value of this book, The Bridge project, in collaboration with Alpha Books JSC, Omega JSC and the Embassy of Finland in Vietnam, launched the campaign "Finnish Lessons - Together for education in Vietnam".


The book will be translated into Vietnamese under the name of "Bài học Phần Lan 2.0". The Bridge project is expected to raise enough fund in the coming months to provide the Vietnamese versions of the book at no cost for teachers across the country. In December 2016, an international conference on education is also scheduled at the Pedagogical University of Hanoi (Address: 136 Xuan Thuy, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay District, Hanoi) with the attendance of international education professionals, especially the author Pasi Sahlberg, who will visit Vietnam at the invitation of the Embassy of Finland.


The project has launched with prior order at:, with attractive incentives for teachers and educators across the country.

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